Our Members

Megan Keith

Halloween 2020, tintype

Megan’s dedication to the paranormal began after a childhood haunting. Autumn days spent mucking through the woods in search of hermits, witches, and downed UFOs laid the framework for what would become an unquietable mind.

A student practitioner of Norse Spae-Craft (fore-telling) and Seiðr (witchcraft), runologist, and devotee of the Left Hand Path. A collector of Fortean and Occult books, relics, and hand-scribbled notes, Megan also enjoys travelling to far off places with her husband and son.

Brittany Shelbon

I’m a thinker, first and foremost. Second to that would be a questioner, and most certainly a day dreamer, a pretend argument haver, a perfectionist, a procrastinator, a virgo (who knows next to nothing about astrology, other than what virgos are like). I like knowing things. In particular things about spacetime, physics, consciousness and the brain, psychology, evolution, ancient cultures, and how to make really, really delicious desserts. I like rocks and plants and water. I sit on the edge of reality and let my feet dangle into the unknown. And if you ever meet me in person please know that I am incredibly bad at initiating conversation, but I really enjoy talking about weird stuff, so…like, just come talk to me.