Brittany and Megan pose for a picture in a cave deep below the earth.

Our goals are not to believe or disbelieve, nor to prove or disprove the paranormal. Our goal is to observe the weird without the burden of rationalization or explanation.

Welcome to the home of Weird ATX, a small collective of paranormal experimenters and thinkers, and Beyond Weird Paranormal Podcast, where we get together and talk about our work as paranormal researchers.

Our methods stray far from the typical “Ghost Hunter” template into a more philosophical approach. We don’t think there’s a single correct way to do anything, but rather many paths that lead us toward answers.

Key Principles:

  • Avoidance of Dogma. In order to keep our minds open to new ideas, we steer clear of absolute beliefs.
  • Experience is relative to an individual and their culture. Since we all come from different backgrounds, we understand that our perceptions of consciousness and reality are diverse. Because of this, we strive to overcome our own personal bias.
  • Philosophy Vs. Science. Because our approach is not concerned with empirical results, we do not feel confined to methods and procedures that must logically align. As a result, we may contradict ourselves.
  • No tolerance for intolerance. There is no place for hate in our research. We do not discriminate on any basis, and likewise will not work with those who do. All are welcome here, without judgement.

How we operate.

Weird ATX is a collective in which authority is shared and all ideas are considered. We treat ourselves, each other, and those who contact us with honesty and respect. We are open and willing to work with the public in regards to paranormal investigation – contact us here – we would love to hear from you!