Inside the Pyschomanteum


  • Eduscho coffee tin
  • Zoom H4n recorder
  • Spirit Box “Sbox” set to AM

This recording was made on December the 6th 2020 inside what is called a Psychomanteum – that is a small, dark room with mirrors arranged in a way that a subject may use them to gaze into another world, or communicate with the dead. At this time, the location must remain private.


At the beginning of the recording, there is a male voice that says “Excuse me”. I believe this to be mundane and that of someone inside the location with me. At this time I have not had the opportunity to finely comb the full audio for all events, however some are listed below.

Some things to note: Most of the voices heard seem to belong to two men. I was able to hear these voices from the radio while it was inside the shielded box before I left the Psychomanteum. Once I left, I barred access to prevent contamination. The voices seem to be having a conversation in which the tone sounds “questioning” and there is an answered response seconds later. It should be emphasized that these voices appear at random times in the “sweep” across the AM band, with responses coming too soon to be a signal leak into the box in which the scan picks up the same radio station. I did not expect that I would record clear conversations, and that is not what I have here. Most of the speaking is unintelligible. In retrospect I think this should be expected as the communication is not directed toward making contact with a living person – it is simply a device eavesdropping.


  • 3:59-4:02 “That quick?” “Ok.”
  • 4:20 “Okay”
  • 4:23 Slower response to previous event
  • 4:40 (Mundane movement inside box)
  • 4:42 “Eat here” response: “alright”
  • 5:05 Same two voices conversing
  • 5:27 There is an odd tap inside the box just before speaking
  • 6:33 “floor” with unintelligible response
  • 6:56 unintelligible voice and answer
  • 7:18 distinct male voice
  • 7:42 distinct male voice
  • 8:05 distinct male voice repeating last two messages
  • 8:27 distinct male voice – sounds like a question
  • 8:48 distinct male voice
  • 9:10 male voice with another male voice answering after.

To Do:

  • Complete review of audio and notation of minutes.
  • Follow up visit with different implements: shortwave or AM radio on fixed station, Zoom H2 recorder, an additional shielded box to double void signal, and I will add a camera inside the box (and perhaps one outside to ensure tampering is ruled out)